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James Woods has a reputation for being one of Hollywood's most vocal conservatives. He's suggested that sharing his opinions on Twitter have taken him from a Hollywood A-lister, starring in films. James Woods has a reported IQ of 180. he received a scholarship to MIT. Might be the smartest person in Hollywood. Yet is a deranged supporter of GWB, the Iraq War and the GOP. And says shit like this: Scratch a liberal, find a fascist every time

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Trying put the new opening for the channel on what I am interested in James Howard Woods (born April 18, 1947) is an American actor and producer who is known for his work in theater, television, and film. He started his career in small roles on and off-Broadway.In 1972 he appeared in The Trial of the Catonsville Nine alongside Sam Waterston and Michael Moriarty on Broadway. In 1972 he won the Theatre World Award for his performance in Moonchildren James Woods . színész, szereplő, producer. Született: 1947. április 18. (73 éves) (Amerikai Egyesült Államok, Vernal, Utah) Nagyon magas az IQ-ja. Válasz. 10/10 Talleyrand 2008 júl. 15. - 21:58:59 10/10 Én a Volt egyszer egy Amerikában láttam elõször, szerintem zseniális abban (is)..

James Howard Woods (Vernal, Utah, 1947. április 18. -) Golden Globe-, Primetime- és Daytime Emmy-díjas amerikai színész, szinkronszínész és filmproducer. Legismertebb filmjei közé tartozik a Videodrome (1983), a Volt egyszer egy Amerika (1984), a Casino (1995), a Nixon (1995) és a Kapcsolat (1997). Oscar-díjra jelölt alakításai voltak a Salvador (1986) és a Kísért a múlt. James Howard Woods was born on April 18, 1947 in Vernal, Utah, the son of Martha A. (Smith) and Gail Peyton Woods, a U.S. Army intelligence officer who died during Woods' childhood. James is of Irish, English, and German descent. He grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, with his mother and stepfather Thomas E. Dixon James Woods. AKA James Howard Woods. Born: 18-Apr-1947 Birthplace: Vernal, UT. Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupati. James Woods has played a long list of ruthless creeps and cold-blooded bastards, including the cop-killer in The Onion Field, the entrepreneur who offered torture on cable TV. James Woods. Although James Woods is certainly very accomplished, he is NOT a member of Mensa (see the disclaimer at the beginning of the article). However, his SAT scores put mine to shame (and probably yours, too), coming in at 1580, including a perfect 800 in the verbal section

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  1. A legelső, aki az emberek eszébe jut a szép és okos emberekről, az Sharon Stone, aki 154-es IQ-val éli a celebek életét.Okossága ellenére elég megosztó személyiség, ráadásul nem is a legokosabb: James Woods 180-as intelligenciahányadosának például a nyomába sem ér.A ma 64 éves sztár az iskolát színészkarrierje érdekében hagyta ott, de később politológiából.
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  3. James Woods, Actor: Vampires. James Howard Woods was born on April 18, 1947 in Vernal, Utah, the son of Martha A. (Smith) and Gail Peyton Woods, a U.S. Army intelligence officer who died during Woods' childhood. James is of Irish, English, and German descent. He grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, with his mother and stepfather Thomas E. Dixon
  4. 'Have a nice day.' Bob Beckel learns the hard way why you never EVER bring a knife to a gunfight with James Woods Posted at 12:04 pm on August 14, 2020 by Sam J
  5. Too Big To Fail actor James Woods talks about the financial crisis, and requiring companies to do what is ethical
  6. James Woods Work Truth Always It's a great battle, and it really is a battle, and there are people from all walks of life, you know, never judge anybody at the table: A man can be the greatest poker player and he might know all the numbers, but he might get beaten by a really savvy kid who works in a grocery store; and that's what's so great.
  7. t 180-as IQ szintjével a népesség 0,2%-hoz tartozik

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  1. The highest IQ recorded today belongs to Australian-born Chinese American, Terrence Tao, with an IQ of 230. Terrence lives up to his staggering IQ results. He acquired his Ph.D. at the age of 20 and went on to become the youngest professor at UCLA by the time he turned 24. But IQ isn't the be-all-end-all when it comes to measuring intelligence
  2. Shakira was a certified-genius with an IQ of 140, we learned - as was Madonna (140), Steve Martin (142), Quentin Tarantino (160), James Woods (180) and 14-year-old Modern Family star Nolan Gould.
  3. Here Are Some Interesting Things You Should Know About James Woods Actor Woods lies under 'Highest Genius' having an I.Q. of 180. Wood, presently 69 years old, is a big name with the highest I.Q. of 180, 20 points more than Albert Einstein IQ. He could be perhaps the smartest individuals in Hollywood to score almost 100% in his SAT
  4. In the world of James Woods, Antifa is plotting to take over America at the behest of George Soros and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is actually president and should be impeached, and Donald Trump.

Actor James Woods said he observed and reported four suspicious men possibly making a hijacking trial run on an airline flight before the 9/11 attacks

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  1. James Howard Woods was born on April 18, 1947, in Vernal, Utah. The boy and his younger brother grew up in an average family. The actor's father, Gail Peyton, was an army intelligence officer, and his mother Martha Smith worked in a pre-school institution
  2. In 2017, Actress Amber Tamblyn Accused James Woods Of Being A Sexual Predator. And On Oct. 23, 2020, Woods, Along With Actor Scott Baio, Shared A Threatening Letter Allegedly Being Sent To Trump.
  3. — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) January 17, 2019. Indeed, in a livestream over the weekend, the 29-year-old congresswoman can be seen ranting about the end of the world due to climate change. The whole premise of the Green New Deal is that we're screwed on climate, the socialist congresswoman said
  4. ent members. 4. Lisa Kudrow Who: actress, James Woods Who: actor, professional poker playe
  5. James Woods sits down Inside the Actors Studio and talks about his life and career on Bravo, Sunday at 8 p.m. Woods has starred in more than 70 films as well as several major television movies
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  1. ation. To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege... http://t.co/OqQzp3VdKv — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods.
  2. Hollywood Actor James Woods Among the Final Table Players Conquered by Petrangelo. Tuesday, July 8, 2014 3:19:07 PM EST. 10TH YEAR AT THE RIO IS THE BIGGEST IN WSOP HISTORY. Total entries pass 80,000 for first time, prize money awarded exceeds $227 Million. Wednesday, July 2, 2014 11:08:59 PM EST
  3. James Woods Net Worth: James Woods is an American actor who has a net worth of $10 million. Woods is one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, having taken roles in a wide range of different.
  4. James Woods Biography | Wiki. James Howard Woods was born on 18 April 1947, in Vernal, Utah USA of part Irish ancestry. James Woods is an actor who has starred in around 130 films, TV shows, theater plays, as well contributing his voice to animated TV series and video games, in a career spanning over 45 years in the entertainment industry
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James Howard Woods (født 18. april 1947) er en amerikansk skuespiller.. Woods er født i Vernal i Utah, men vokste opp i Warwick i Rhode Island, hvor han gikk på Pilgrim High School.Hans mor var av irsk, katolsk opprinnelse og Woods ble oppdratt i den katolske tro. Han tok sin grunnleggende eksamen ved MIT hvor han tok hovedfag i statsvitenskap, skjønt han opprinnelig hadde tanker om. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Woods was a brilliant student who achieved a perfect 800 on the verbal and 779 on the math portions of the pre-1995 SAT. He enrolled in a linear algebra cours 10. James Woods (1947 - ) : IQ 180. When most of us think about Hollywood, the word 'genius' doesn't usually factor into our image of the movie business. However, there is at least one genius working in Tinseltown. Actor James Woods is well-known for his film and TV work, but he very nearly took a different route in life Here is a list of the 10 Most Intelligent People in the World based on IQ. 10. James Woods - IQ: 180. Yep. That James Woods

An Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score is a widely used and respected measure for intelligence. It is the result of standardized testing, and has been the. James Woods (180)Â. James Woods had near-perfect SAT scores, and an IQ of 184. Woods was a brilliant student who achieved a perfect 800 on the verbal and 779 on the math portions of the pre-1995 SAT. He enrolled in a linear algebra course at UCLA while still in high school. He studied political science at MIT on a scholarship and revealed on Inside the Actors. James Woods the actor has an IQ of 184 (apparently) 0 0. vintner. Lv 6. 9 years ago. An IQ of 184 would generally indicate that you are highly intelligent. It has nothing, however, to do with gender studies. 0 1. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Sign in Woods never graduated, leaving MIT to pursue an acting career (reportedly influenced by a local-theater stage manager named Tim Affleck, the father of Ben Affleck). CELEBRITY-BRAINIAC RATING, ON A.. James Woods. root; 1 év ago; 12 Views; 0 0. Share on Facebook; New Posts. 10 baba, aki pont úgy néz ki, mint egy világsztár. 21 6. 10 filmsztár, akik drámai változáson mentek keresztül egy szerepért. 2 2. 10 színész, akik szinte mindig ugyanolyan karaktereket alakítanak. 0 0. Related Posts

James Woods. The actor has been one of Donald Trump's most outspoken fans, and is very politically vocal on Twitter. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through. James Woods, one of the few conservative stars in Hollywood, has been locked out of his Twitter account for over a week now for abusive behavior, once again demonstrating the double standard the tech giant holds when it comes to enforcing rules Actor James Woods is a main conduit for content from the far-right fever swamps to millions on Twitter. Woods has a history of using his Twitter account to amplify far-right message board. Possessing a keen intellect and formidable IQ, Woods initially studied political science before turning to theater fulltime in 1969 James Woods had near-perfect SAT scores, and an IQ of 184. Woods was a brilliant student who achieved a perfect 800 on the verbal and 779 on the math portions of the pre-1995 SAT

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Actor James Woods, a staunch supporter of President Trump, heaped praise on the president on Sunday, tweeting Trump loves America more than any president in my lifetime James Woods is not hiding his distaste for President Barack Obama.The 66-year-old actor -- who starred as the head of the president's Secret Service detail, a man plotting to take down the president in this summer's White House Down -- expressed his opinions on Twitter this week in the wake of the ongoing government shutdown Dice James Woods (2017) Family Guy James Woods (2005-2016) Bling Victor (2016) Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Hades (2014) Jamesy Boy Lt. Mark Falton.

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